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The time is now for Congress to pass legislation that advances LGBTQ rights while ensuring protections for religious freedom.

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Most Americans favor a bipartisan solution

Alliance for Lasting Liberty | September 13, 2021

In a recent survey of Americans regarding attitudes about LGBTQ civil rights and religious freedom…

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Faith Leaders for Fairness: A Virtual Summit

Alliance for Lasting Liberty | September 13, 2021

Four faith leaders discuss LGBT rights and religious freedom. Click the image below to see…

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Poll: 57% of Americans back bipartisan deal on LGBTQ rights, religious liberty

Chris Johnson in "The Washington Blade" | September 14, 2021

Fifty-seven percent of Americans support a bipartisan deal to reach a compromise on religious freedom…

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Who We Are

Our Solution

Promoting Civic Pluralism

Our nation’s founding principles are designed to provide broad freedom for all citizens—even those whose beliefs or identities place them in the minority. This commitment to civic pluralism allows Americans to remain true to their beliefs and live peacefully with one another while having real differences. Legislation that simultaneously secures LGBT civil rights and religious freedom fits squarely within this civic tradition.

Providing a Lasting Solution

Right now we resolve conflicts that involve LGBT civil rights and religious freedom in one of two ways: through lengthy court battles that only prolong the conflict, or through an incomplete patchwork of state laws and policies that leaves citizens vulnerable and creates uncertainty for individuals, businesses, and religious institutions. Federal legislation is the best way to build a sustainable, comprehensive solution for the major challenges we face.

Protecting Historic Civil Rights Laws

Congress must safeguard existing civil rights laws. New legislation should not erode the longstanding protections our country has guaranteed to Americans with regard to race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, disability, and others. We seek a bill that extends our nation’s civil rights protections to the LGBT community, preserves those protections for all groups currently covered by them, and effectively balances LGBT rights and religious freedom.

Now is the Time to Act

Our nation needs legislation that can win support from a diverse and growing coalition of Americans spanning the political spectrum, including the LGBT community, civil rights advocates, business leaders, and faith-based leaders and religious institutions. We invite all Americans to join our call to Congress to enact legislation that ensures freedom and civil rights for all.
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It’s Time to Protect LGBT Civil Rights and Religious Freedom

A diverse and growing coalition of citizens believes the time is right to begin a more formal conversation about how we can turn this common ground into a lasting, durable, bipartisan solution that protects LGBT Americans’ civil rights and preserves religious Americans’ constitutional freedoms.

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