About ALL

The Alliance for Lasting Liberty (ALL) is a coalition of religious and LGBT individuals and organizations who support Fairness For All

Members of ALL are united by two core beliefs:

  1. LGBT Americans should have civil rights protections when it comes to employment, housing, and publicly available services; and religious Americans – and their faith-based institutions – should be able to live, work, and serve their community in ways that are consistent with the teachings and tenets of their faith.
  2. ALL is a coalition that has been created to house, advance, and formalize conversations that have been taking place among religious and LGBT advocates for more than three years.

These conversations have resulted in the introduction of the Fairness For All Act.

Coalition Co-Chairs

1st Amendment Partnership

The mission of the 1st Amendment Partnership is to promote and protect religious freedom for people of all faiths. We represent the common voice of our partnering faith communities that encompass millions of Americans. We focus on public policies and education that recognize the profound contribution of faith and religious freedom to the common good.

American Unity Fund:

American Unity Fund, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, is dedicated to advancing the cause of freedom for LGBTQ Americans by making the conservative case that freedom truly means freedom for everyone.