Alliance for Lasting Liberty Coalition’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

by Alliance for Lasting Liberty on June 17, 2021

WASHINGTON– The Alliance for Lasting Liberty (ALL), a coalition of LGBT and
religious freedom advocates, issues the following statement in
response to the United States Supreme Court’s Decision in Fulton vs.
City of Philadelphia:

In the last calendar year, the Supreme Court of the United States has
handed major victories to religious rights (in Fulton vs. City of
Philadelphia) and LGBT rights (in Bostock vs. Clayton County). Both
sets of rights are important, and the Court has now established major
guardrails clearly protecting them.

Still, the Court’s decision does not comprehensively address the
issues covered by the Fairness for All Act and the power to do so belongs
to Congress. All nine members of the Supreme Court and the vast majority of
Americans clearly believe that LGBT rights and religious freedom both deserve
respect and protection.

We continue to call on Congress to pass comprehensive federal
legislation that protects LGBT people and the free exercise of