Statement by the Alliance for Lasting Liberty on the Passage of the Equality Act

by Alliance for Lasting Liberty on February 26, 2021

Passing the Equality Act without significant bipartisan support is a missed opportunity to develop more comprehensive, balanced legislation that can vigorously protect LGBT rights while providing robust protections for religious freedom.

The Alliance for Lasting Liberty continues advocating for fairness legislation that will extend civil rights protections to the LGBT community while also protecting religious rights and safeguarding the historical protections of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

President Biden, a man of faith and a champion of LGBT rights, is best positioned to bridge the unnecessary divide between LGBT rights and religious freedom.

This division doesn’t have to continue. We know that Americans across the political spectrum agree on fundamental values of fairness, equality, and personal freedom.

We believe every American deserves respect and safety, particularly at a time when many minority religions face unprecedented hate crimes and violence. People of faith and the organizations they form do indispensable work to serve the common good.

We believe every gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender American deserves an equal chance at living the American Dream. LGBT people face abhorrent discrimination and we are moved to action by the stories of so many people, especially LGBT people of color, who need comprehensive federal protections, and need them urgently.

The United States Senate has the opportunity to draft a law that reflects a real, broad consensus where we are confident fairness can be achieved.